Paranoia is frowned upon, but with backups it is necessary. Planning for failure needs to be thorough.

Data needs to be in at least three places and across two responsible parties to make sure it is safe. This is the "What if I get hit by the bus" or the more optimistic "win the lottery" scenario. Beyond where data lives we need to talk about how often backups are created. Some applications require real-time replication and failover where others are properly protected with daily or weekly off-site replication.

Beyond the act of the backup, making sure you know they are set up, you need to know how to access and restore the backup. Decibite can always help, but to the truly paranoid you don't trust anyone completely. An annual backup and test restore followed by a quick QA is a great thing that too few people do.

Decibite is happy to provide as much or as little help with your site backups. We include protections from our mistakes and basic coverage for what we think you will want. Give us a call and we can tell you how to take your own backup for emergency purposes, and we will restore your site to a new location for you to review for accuracy and completeness. I always suggest this, but few listen... I lose sleep over this guys. Keep a backup!

Please... :)

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